Large Fiberglass commercial planters may be the last thing on your mind when you’re planning landscaping but they really ought to be your first consideration. There are many reasons why. The fantastic range of shapes, sizes and styles adds colour, depth and variety, which enhances curb appeal without much effort. 

Planting shrubs and bushes can make a muddy mess with your outdoor landscaping in the rain or in stormy weather. Cleaning up and maintenance is hard work and can be expensive. Attractive planters keep the plants neatly in place and don’t sit in the way of pedestrian or vehicle traffic. Whether it’s a retail store, community centre or office building, beautiful planters complement both the property and the plants. 

Retail Outlets

Retail centres look vibrant when set up with colour-coordinated large commercial planters filled with seasonal blooms. See how they make chrome and glass shopping malls come alive. Use them to welcome customers at the door or out in the lawn space, around sculptures and trees. 

Shopping Malls

Place them around shopping malls to bring the vibrant outdoors in. Walkways look more colourful when you place seasonal blooms in large planters around the green space, near food courts, restrooms and common seating benches around the mall. 

Office Buildings

Add a pop of colour and life to dull office buildings. Offset the white walls or glass panels with designer planters. The sight of beautiful greenery refreshes tired eyes, invigorates stressed minds and energizes the vibes of the space. Place them at the entrance to welcome clients and employees. Transform corporate atriums and lobbies into lush, green islands that leave a lasting, positive impression. Lush interiors also freshen the air quality.

Residential Communities

Watch your neighbourhood, condo property, lobby or exteriors, apartment complex or community centre come alive with a burst of colour with vibrant large planters brimming with beautiful flowers and plants. Use them in shared green spaces, common areas in townhomes on either side of benches where seniors sit, or in parks to lift their spirits and brighten their day. It is far cheaper to maintain them than hire the services of landscapers and gardeners for mowing the lawn, weeding, clearing debris, dead branches and pruning large trees. Enhanced curb appeal increases the value of your property with the least amount of effort.

Individual pots in several shapes, sizes and styles can be used to accessorize virtually any large space. Landscaping designers can help you pick and choose the right ones for your property. They are low maintenance and high on visual appeal.

Greenville Planters, Mississauga

We are a Canadian supplier of high-quality large sized indoor and outdoor, year-round Fiberglass and metal planters and pots. We partner with landscape architects and designers, landscape contractors, real estate developers, property managers and builders to add curb value and appeal to all kinds of properties. Call us to discuss your needs.