Fiberglass Planter Catalog

Looking to add fiberglass planters to your commercial building? Browse our catalog below or click here to learn more about the benefits of the Jay Scotts brand of fiberglass planters.

Download our Fiberglass Planter Catalog

Metal Planter Catalog

Our metal planters are manufactured by a specialty Canadian fabricator using marine-grade aluminum and Corten steel. Browse our catalog below or click here to learn more!

Download our Custom Metal Catalog

Looking to source large fiberglass planters? Here are a few suggestions.

  1. We have lots and lots of planters. Determine the shape you prefer. Rectangle. Round. Sphere. Square. Organic.
  2. Once you know the shape, narrow down the size you require. Keep in mind scale is important. A small planter in a huge space could look lost and out of proportion. Similarly, a huge planter in a tiny space usually doesn’t work either.
  3. Choose your finish:
    • Our primary line of Jay Scotts planters provide a smooth, clean, modern look that can fit any application and look great in twenty colours.
    • Our ProTone Jay Scotts rectangle and square planters have a bold, textured, very realistic, stonelike (three varieties) or weathered-steel finish.
    • Cosapots: these planters provide a more muted, natural stone or cement look and feel in six different colours.

    All our planters will function outdoors and indoors on a year-round basis in the Canadian climate. If outdoors they will have to have drainage drilled into the bottom where water can runout as all our planters are elevated slightly on small feet.

  4. Know your timing: While we turn most order around in two to three weeks, there can be occasions when a longer lead time is unavoidable.