Planter pots require proper drainage as this aspect is critical to the health of both the plants and pot. Holes at the bottom of the container will allow water to drain freely so that adequate air is available for the roots. Without proper drainage, plant roots will rot, and wet soil will not allow air to penetrate. Plants will generally not recover from root rot, so make sure there are holes in the bottom of your pots. Plants should never sit in stagnant water as this will negatively affect the health of their roots.

Additionally and importantly, water collected in the bottom of a planter pot, come winter, will freeze and severely damage the planter by expansion. To avoid this make sure there are holes for drainage.

Some pots come with permanently attached saucers, and you need to be careful with this option as emptying surplus water can be very difficult, if not impossible. When using saucers, make sure that they are detachable, and empty excess water so that the soil has an opportunity to somewhat dry out.

You can also consider double potting your plants which many people do by slipping one container inside a second, slightly larger one. This strategy effectively has plants growing in pot liners. You would then be able to slip the pot liner in or out of the larger, decorative container without disturbing the plant roots. Make sure that the plants in the pot liner never stand in water. If you notice that water accumulates in the bottom of the larger container, remove the inside pot to drain the water from the outside pot.

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