As we all start to trickle back to returning to work following the pandemic, our office outdoor spaces and outdoor zones for employees will start to become more and more important. We can expect that employees will have a lot of expectations around employee comfort once they return.

The rooftops of office buildings and balconies give employers an opportunity to make a truly unique and enjoyable environment for their employees to enjoy. Giving them access to fresh air, plant life, and a great sense of nature while they are at work is critical for keeping employees healthy and boosting office morale.

Many studies have shown that plants serve several key benefits for employees, which include reduced levels of stress, increased productivity, reduced sick days and creativity boosts.

Today we will be talking about how employers can use plants and outdoor planters to help create a more comfortable outdoor zone for their employees once they return to work, whenever that will be.

Creating Jungle Vibes in a Concrete Jungle

Making a jungle in your office outdoor space for your employees is a quick and easy way to help transform your outdoor space in a way that your employees will enjoy. Humans are naturally drawn towards nature, and nothing says nature like the jungle. The big concept here is to make a jungle-type environment on your rooftop or balcony but add in design elements that incorporate areas where people can sit, relax and socialize in the area.

The plants you will need to use to pull off this jungle scene can include hanging plants, such as swiss cheese vines and hoya plants. You can also add in large, dramatic floor plants like the snake plant, the zz plant and some lucky bamboo. Finally, you can finish it off using some small jungle plants like peperomia, pilea and begonias.

When using hanging planters, it can be convenient to use self-watering pots that need less maintenance and will make your life easier during upkeep. Big jungle floor plants are best suited for large outdoor planters. Small jungle plants are best used with tabletop planters.

Minimal Plants

You don’t need to create a huge lush jungle scene to create a natural atmosphere in the office. Minimalism is about only adding in what is needed but retaining a sense of style. It is not a busy design but it also is not bare bones.

Plants for a minimal design can include the strelitzia nicolai, ficus, monstera and cactus. These are beautiful, striking plants on their own that are neat and can blend seamlessly into minimalist decor. Smaller planters include small potted herbs, hanging string of herbs or beautiful small succulents.

Minimalist plant pots are typically neutral in colour and have a simple shape to them. Small plants are very easy to pot, and you can use almost anything to plant them, including old tin cans, painted plastic containers or ceramic mugs.

The Best Tip for Filling Large Outdoor Planters

These tips will help you save money on soil for your large outdoor planters and your planters will also be sturdy and heavy enough without being too heavy that you can’t move them around. The secret lies in packing peanuts. Yes that’s right, packing peanuts! You can fill up your large planters about halfway to two thirds full using packing peanuts, then you will not need to use as much potting soil to fill up the rest of the pot. You can choose to put fabric in between the packing peanuts and your soil if you want to avoid dealing with your plants wrapping their roots around them which can make repotting the plants a hassle.

You can also try using empty plastic planters and pop cans to fill up your large planters as well. Then just cover them up with fabric or lining and fill the rest with your potting soil. Next, just fill up your planters like you normally would, water them, and then you’re done. There will still be enough soil in the planter so that it will not tip over and there is still a good amount of weight to them. If you are still concerned about tipping, you can just fix your ratio to have more potting soil and less packing peanuts.

If you are looking for fiberglass or metal planters for your office rooftop or balcony, give Greenville Planters a call today!