NEW for 2019!
Aluminum Planters – Corten Steel Planters

Greenville Planters is pleased to now offer metal planters to the Canadian market. Aluminum and Corten Steel planters are available in the very highest quality, which means using the finest materials and latest technologies to deliver the following:


Along side our stock sizes, we are capable of creating custom sizes for your project. View our catalog for more information


High quality, durable UV rated powder coating (aluminum) applied in an environmentally friendly way. Our stock selection includes 12 different finishes but fully customizable to your liking.


Perfectly welded joints that are ground down to a smooth edge


Leakproof for interior placement


Drainage holes for exterior placement


Also for exterior placement we provide ‘feet’ to elevate the planter allowing for water runoff


Double flange lip to increase the rigidity and prevent bowing

See our catalog for a wide assortment of available stock sizes and know that customization is readily available.

Contact us for a quote on either option.

Please note that lead times are a critical part of our metal planter business, with typical lead times of 5-6 weeks from confirmed date-of-order (Depending on project size). And ahead of this timing, specifically with custom orders, we will need to develop drawings and receive your approval. We recommend allowing sufficient time for that process as well.


To obtain more information on our Metal Planters, including prices on our stock products, spec sheets, or to request a quote, please use the Contact Form on this website.

If you are interested in Custom Metal Planters, please start that process by either sending us an email using the Contact Form or give us a call. We will work with you to gather all the details. Please note that sufficient lead time is required.