Choosing the right-sized planters can be tricky, but this aspect is critical when designing planter spaces, as scale is an important design feature that can make a big difference. Selecting the right size will ensure you achieve your desired project goal.

Larger planters should be considered for large spaces. These will allow you to add mature plants as well as a greater variety of plants if desired. Several details should be looked at in the planning process. Evaluate the width and height of your container. Measure the area where you want to place your planter and choose a size that would allow for some movement around the container so that it can handle traffic without being compromised in the process. In terms of height, it is recommended that you consider sightlines, intended plant species, and overall appearance as the plants grow out. Do not forget to consider the depth of the root structure.

Scale will also allow you to create a well-balanced space. If your planters are too large for the space, they will make other decorative items on your property seem under-scaled. If the planters are too small, they will look out of proportion, and the overall appearance of your space will seem disconnected. Planters need to be visible but should not look overwhelming. When you select planters that are appropriately sized, your area will be more aesthetically pleasing and will stand out for all of the right reasons.

The shape of your planters will also affect size, so consider whether you want round-shaped pots, square planters or rectangular planters. Depending on your style preferences, specific shapes will allow you to go for larger-sized plant containers while also allowing you to use your space more efficiently, so make sure you factor shapes into your decision. The overall design style of your room is also an important consideration. Remember that different planter sizes and shapes will lend themselves to varying uses of spaces and design styles. Fiberglass planters, in particular, are typically on-trend because they are available in a large variety of shapes, sizes, and colours and offer the greatest likelihood of finding the correct fit for your project.

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