Whether for your business or home, landscaping is a fundamental part of a property’s care. However, landscaping is not always the most reasonable investment and cost for design and maintenance can certainly mount to more than expected. Larger businesses may be able to afford costly landscape payments but smaller businesses may be deterred from hiring landscapers for fear of breaking their budget.

All businesses, regardless of size and profit, deserve to have a well-maintained, professional curb appeal that reflects well on their brand. With Greenville Planters, you can have a gorgeously groomed property that fits with your spending plan. Check out our three cost-effective landscaping tips below.

Invest in Practical Plants

It may be tempting to buy those colourful, potted plants you see in flower stores or as you run errands, however, they are far from practical for a commercial property’s curb appeal. Large fiberglass planters are the most cost-effective plant solution for businesses that do not have time to maintain dependent plants. Greenville Planters’ fiberglass planters are able to remain outdoors in all seasons, regardless of harsh conditions. Our large outdoor planters can have drainage holes installed in the bottom, which allows them to be left out in all conditions. The outdoor planters never sit in a pool of water or thick ice, because the feet allow excess water to run off. Convenient and extremely stylish with a variety of shapes to choose from, our custom planters are a practical choice for businesses to use to enhance their curb appeal.

Utilize The Natural Landscape

Many businesses attempt to replace and create their own landscaping. Although this can be exciting and creative, it is not sensible for businesses that need to stick to a budget. Utilize the natural elements surrounding your commercial property, from large trees to grassy regions or hills. Attempting to alter these areas will result in a massive price surge. The natural elements surrounding your property can function as your biggest asset and impress guests. Changing it to be more refined or traditional is expensive and may work against you.

Purchase Seasonal Plants For Planters

Purchasing plants that are in season can reduce landscaping costs and maintenance expectations significantly. For the wintertime, Erica Carnea, also known as the “winter heath,” is a colourful, radiant pink heather that thrives in snowy elements. Placed in one of our custom outdoor planters, Erica Carnea is a stunning and sensible plant choice. Snowdrop wildflowers are stunning white plants that make a great display in one of our rectangle planters all winter long.