Plants enhance the interior and exterior of any residential or commercial property. They offer a sense of warmth, welcoming and beauty that human-made items cannot match. However, plants can only thrive and maintain their beauty if they are provided with what they need to flourish. Indoor planters and outdoor planters are the perfect homes for plants to thrive in and enhance a property’s landscape.

Discover the four most effective ways to ensure the health and happiness of your container plants all year long below.

1. Pick The Right Size Planter

Firstly, determine whether you’re going to place your plant in an indoor planter or outdoor planter. Larger planters may be more suitable outside of commercial properties to entice customers and clients or outside of residential homes as part of the landscape. The size of the plant should also determine the size of the planter. Large outdoor planters often hold more moisture, which does not require you to water the plant as often. As plants grow and develop, they will become outstretched and need a planter that will not restrict that growth.

2. Select The Right Plants

You should be selecting plants that will thrive and perform optimally in the climate your property is in. If you’re choosing to have outdoor plants for the summer season, opt for summer-blooming plants. Many of them are tropical and thrive during the hot and humid seasons, which include begonias, calla lilies, dahlias or elephant ears. For the spring season, it’s best to select plants that thrive in a sunny but dry environment, such as the ‘Golden Sword’ Yucca, which has swordlike leaves, splatters of golden yellow in the center and grows to two to three feet. During the winters, the Japanese Yew will not only tolerate but thrive in harsh winter settings, which makes them a perfect part of your home or business’ entrance.

3. Water Regularly

In many climates, plants grown in outdoor planters do require frequent watering. When watering the plants, ensure you spend time watering deeply, evenly and thoroughly throughout to ensure the entire root will get soaked. If you want to conserve moisture to spread out watering intervals, cover the soil surface with mulch. This can protect the plants against harsh, drying winds and allow for more humidity to be produced, which will make watering far easier.

4. Fertilize Diligently

Planter-grown plants need to be fertilized regularly and diligently to ensure they grow properly and beautifully. Plants will absorb the nutrients in soil mix right away, which is why you should be fertilizing them with water-soluble based fertilizer bi-weekly.

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