You have big ideas for enhancing the exterior of your business, which is a great start; however, it is essential to realize that different plants have different requirements to grow and thrive. That is why it is necessary to partner with a trusted company that specializes in large indoor and outdoor planters. We can help you select options that are aesthetically-pleasing, affordable, and well-suited for the plants on your commercial property. Here are some things to consider when picking planters:


Some plants do well in desert and arid regions while others are meant for colder areas with more precipitation. Canada’s diverse growth zones create endless possibilities. For example, shade trees provide an escape from the hot sun. They are helpful for employees wishing to take breaks outside, or if a client insists on an outdoor meeting spot. True to their name, evergreen trees add year-round ambiance in a variety of regions across the country and come in smaller varieties that can fit in a planter

Growth and Placement

One of the most challenging decisions of choosing appropriate trees to beautify the exterior of your business is gauging size. When picking established species, it is a good idea to consider how much bigger they can get. While you can have them trimmed, thinking ahead can prevent costly maintenance as your commercial landscape matures. Careful placement is paramount for avoiding unsavoury scenarios as plants grow. Choosing plants that can thrive in planters is advantageous because they stay smaller, making maintenance even easier.

Manage Root Spread

While it’s not possible to force tree roots to grow in a specific way, you can opt for selections that lessen their visibility as the trees grow. Placing large planters for parking lot trees and in other areas prevents roots from spreading too far while also adding manageable beauty to your landscape. 

Think Double-Duty

If you are struggling between placing trees or other plants such as shrubs or flowering plants, think about selecting options that give you the best of both worlds. Many flowering trees provide shade while also being eye-catching.

Get Expert Advice

No one wants to place trees, flowers, shrubs or other landscape elements only to have them be disruptive. Poorly landscaped businesses reflect poorly on corporate image. Placing plants in planters contains them to specified areas, making maintenance more manageable while also providing a neatly groomed exterior. 

Contact Greenville Planters today to learn more about how we can help transform your business landscape into a welcoming oasis of greenery. We have extensive options of hundreds of different colours, styles and sizes of planters. Our team can help you pick out the perfect planters for your landscape – outdoors or indoors.