Whether renovating your commercial space completely or simply redesigning it, there are many factors to consider. Decorative planters are usually among the last of these factors and are considered a relatively minor part of the redesign project. However, large fiberglass planters can often play a much more prominent role and influence in the overall indoor or outdoor design concept of the project. Commercial planters can enhance your building’s curb appeal and inside space dramatically.

Whether you’re redesigning the inside of your commercial property exclusively or revamping its landscape as well, it’s important to match the size of the planter and contents inside to the scale of your project. Check out how to achieve this for a smooth, visually appealing redesign.

Designing The Interior With Large Planters

Adding large planters to the inside of your commercial property can add a necessary element to the overall style and visual appeal of the space. It’s important to choose suitable plants and planter size to appropriately spruce up space. Here’s what to do:

  • Hearty Plants: Selecting hearty plants that do not require overwhelming upkeep is in the best interest of business owners. Adding plants that do not depend on frequent upkeep such as large succulents is the perfect solution. A large succulent, such as a cactus, adds the perfect touch of greenery to space and does not require much water. A sturdy plant, the cactus fits perfectly in a sturdy fiberglass planter, but you can also look into colourful Sunburst or Kiwi plants.
  • Highlight An Area: Large planters are perfect for highlighting specific areas inside your commercial property that you want customers or clients to notice. Whether the area is a hall, doorway, bar area or artwork space, the planter is sure to catch their eye. 

Designing The Landscape With Large Planters

Large commercial planters can be used to curb appeal and to enhance your commercial property’s landscape. They’re far more visually appealing than small planters. Here are some ways to incorporate large planters on your property:

  • Make An Impact: Large planters make an exceptional impact on a commercial property’s exterior and essentially become a piece of art in the landscape. Large planters are perfect for the entryways to your business by making a statement and an exceptional first impression. Large planters can also act as a partition for certain areas in the patio or walkways or simply act as an aesthetic touch.
  • Fall and Summer Plants: For large outdoor planters, you have a range of possibilities of plants to choose from to fit in them. During the summertime, choose large tropical plants that make a statement and suit the season. During the fall and winter, use large plants that thrive in cold weather such as an Emerald Green Arborvitae, a Blue Point Juniper or Holly.

Greenville Planters carries an extensive, durable and beautiful fleet of large fiberglass planters for your commercial or residential property needs. Whether you’re interested strictly in planters for the indoors or for your landscape as well, we ensure you’ll find the perfect planters for your space. Browse our catalogue or get in touch with us to discuss our large and varied selection of planters!