Growing your favourite plants in beautiful, unique containers can be a satisfying experience, especially when they thrive in their new home. These five planter gardening tips for commercial landscapers are sure to have your outdoor space looking bright and colourful in no time.

Make a List Before Going Plant Shopping

You could be buying a single planter for one of your clients or you could have been hired as a landscaping contractor to create a vibrant outdoor patio. Whatever the case, to avoid becoming overwhelmed once you start looking for materials, make a detailed list of which plants and planters you want to purchase and where they’ll go as per your blueprints. This will prevent you from buying too many plants, plants that don’t thrive well with other or plants that won’t survive in your environment.

Save Your Plant Tags

This is crucial if you want to ensure your plant survives for a long time. The plant tags that come with your purchase tell you how much sunlight they need, when to water them, what food is recommended and other general care tips. It may also tell you where to plant it for optimal survival.

Plant Healthy Neighbours

You want to plant flowers that require the same or similar care together, whether they’re in the same container or stationed side-by-side. Having two plants in the same planter that require different amounts of sunlight or water will likely result in the death of one of them. Read the plant’s tag or check online before choosing which flowers to plant together.

Plants will Die

The more plants you have in your possession, the more plants that are likely to die. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert landscaper, plants can die for one reason or another. A clear sign that your plants aren’t doing well is when they start looking limp and yellow. To keep it alive, try trimming as much of the dying bit as possible or repot the plant entirely. Remove any plants from shared planters immediately is there are signs of disease.

Acclimatize Your Plants

It’s important to help your plants adapt to new areas that might differ in weather exposure, moisture levels, lighting or temperature than their previous home. It’ll take some time so be patient, especially when dealing with younger plants or plants that have spent a lot of time in greenhouses.

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