Making a decision on exactly which large planter you want for the outside of your client’s business or residence to enhance its curb appeal, or foyer, or enhance the interior of the space can be tough. Although there is a variety to choose from, one of the most reliable and visually appealing planter materials is fiberglass. When browsing for your perfect fiberglass planter, it helps to know just how beneficial these plant containers are as an addition to your business’s landscape. 

Discover the four excellent benefits of fiberglass planters and why they’ll be a great addition to your home or commercial property. 

1. Durable Design and Construction

fiberglass pots and planters are constructed from durable, high-quality glass fiber and finished with a gorgeous gloss or matte industrial UV-resistant epoxy automotive paint finish. The paint finish guarantees that the beautiful gloss or matte colour on the fiberglass planters does not degrade or deteriorate when exposed to the sun or heat. The strong paint finish also protects the planter from cracking from exposure to UV rays. Greenville Planters large fiberglass planters are lightweight along with being durable, which makes them strong enough to hold large plants, shrubs and even trees.

2. Both Strong and Lightweight

Planters both indoors and outdoors often have to be relocated and moved around frequently for style purposes or convenience. fiberglass planters make this extremely easy as they’re lightweight to make for easy transportation in the event of re-decorating or event hosting. These custom planters are both easy to relocate while able to hold the very heavy, large plant and tree specimens. Our fiberglass planters are also extremely sturdy.

3. Elegant Finish

While being durable, sturdy and strong, fiberglass planters also have a sophisticated, modern appearance that completes a room or enhances a property’s curb appeal. With a smooth, matte or gloss finish, our modern planters never look “cheap” or lower-quality. The flawless finish highlights the clean, sleek lines on the exterior and complements a variety of plant styles perfectly. Whether you prefer a more traditional or contemporary style, the fiberglass planters create a lovely home for the plant and look exquisite while doing so. 

4. Weather Resistant

While other planters may be prone to cracking, losing colour, drying or breaking completely from weather conditions, our Greenville/Jay Scotts fiberglass planters will not. These weather-resistant large fiberglass planters are strong and durable enough to withstand heat, cold, snow and rain. They are rust-proof, shatter-proof and are even resistant to frost and ice.

Greenville Planters carries some of the most exquisite, durable and superb quality fiberglass planters in a large variety of styles, designs, sizes and colours. Constructed with strong, solid bottoms for outdoor use and finished with epoxy automotive-style paint and UV inhibitors ensures our planters appear sleek for years to come. Easy to transport and easy to clean and maintain, our modern planters make for the perfect addition to complete the inside or curb appeal of any commercial business or residence. Browse our catalogue to check out our assortment of designs and sizes!