Over the past several years Vietnam has become a major manufacturing hub for fiberglass planters. And like anywhere, there are a few quality manufacturers, like the Jay Scotts brand available from Greenville Planters, and there is the rest of the pack who have jumped on the bandwagon.

Firstly, know that fiberglass planters have to be hand-made. Vietnam is an emerging economy and as such, can supply the necessary labour to do this job. That does not mean the production facilities have to be inferior, or “sweatshops”. They can be, but they do not have to be. As the Vietnamese economy matures, more regulation is slowly being brought into play. Jay Scotts has been extremely proactive with its manufacturing facilities to the point where any of its current facilities could easily be dropped into Canada and pass all health and safety regulations. Employees are treated well above the local standards and more in-line with what we expect in Canada. Culturally, it has been a challenge to train workers there to be conscious of health and safety concerns, to expect long-term employment, and to feel part of a company team. It is changing in a positive way and Jay Scotts is at the forefront of this change. 

And frankly, what comes hand-in-hand with a well-trained, well looked-after workforce is a sense of pride in workmanship that translates to a better product, albeit at a premium price. 

And make no mistake, there are the classic sweatshops producing fiberglass planters. They come with all the horror stories that you have likely read about, including child labour, rough working conditions, no job security, and certainly no concern for workers health and safety.

So if and when you see knock-offs of our Jay Scotts planter pots that may look the same, and be marketed as quality products, but are significantly cheaper, know that there is a reason for the price discrepancy.  Cheap input materials plus cheap “sweatshop” labour will deliver cheap planters.

However, if you prefer to invest in quality that will continue to deliver satisfaction year-after-year, then we urge you to find out more and Greenville Planters is a good place to start.