As a professional contractor, builder or architect, understanding your client’s requirements can be one of your biggest pain points. Many professionals find themselves at loggerheads with their clients due to unfulfilled or misunderstood expectations. The last thing you want as a professional is to disappoint your client and not fulfil their vision of a dream landscape. Experts are of the opinion that when it comes to designing your client’s landscape, there are some effective strategies which can help you to stay on the same page as your client. Here are some ways that you can secure you can help your clients to describe their expectations so that you can follow through and ultimately deliver your client’s dream landscape.


Research is one of the most critical aspects when it comes to understanding your client’s expectations. Harness the power of technology to understand your client beforehand. Read through their website, social media, etc., to comprehend their business style, possible expectations and to formulate pitch strategies which will lead the client to explain their landscaping vision better. If you already know what the client is going to say, it will be easier to understand when the real discussion is in progress. Plus, the client will be comfortable and at ease knowing that you already understand their point of view.

Ask questions

Your client will appreciate you asking questions. If you can draw parallels between their landscaping expectations and your work, it will further strengthen and lead the discussion to a fruitful conclusion where the client will be assured that his expectations have been communicated efficiently. Be proactive and do not forget to ask specific questions so that your client gets an opportunity to describe in detail what they want their landscape to look like.

Technical aspects

Expectations and reality can be different. You will be surprised that many clients expect a certain kind of landscape but retract or change their preferences if they start getting uncomfortable by the time or cost that their idea of the landscape if taking. It is extremely important to communicate what to expect beforehand to your clients. Give them an opportunity to understand the technical aspects of the project, the cost involved and the time it will take so that they can have informed and realistic expectations. That way they will have adequate visibility of what to expect and your project will be completed on time on mutually agreed terms.

As an architect or contractor, one critical aspect for your business is sourcing the right materials to complete your project as per your client’s expectations. This aspect becomes especially tricky when it comes to a custom-designed landscape where you need specific designs, sizes and types of planters to fulfil your project vision. If you are a contractor or architect looking to partner with a reliable custom/outdoor planter company to fulfil your client’s requirements, contact Toronto’s best commercial planter company, Greenville Planters. We can help you with any kind of landscaping project by providing the best quality planters as per your customized requirements. For more information call us today!