Plants add depth and dimension to a commercial property in a way that is hard to beat. The bright green of chlorophyll adds colour, life and style to any monochromatic corner. Whether you line up large ferns to make a collective statement before a wall, use clusters to highlight the centre of the lobby, or a full-grown mature tree as a statement piece to make it a focal point, beautiful, healthy plants add a refreshing touch to your interiors in the simplest, quickest, easiest way. Below are a few ways to add a special touch to enhance the holiday mood.

Mini Garden

How about several plants of contrasting shapes, colours and sizes sitting together to liven up the entrance to look like a mini garden? It’s a beautiful way to welcome visiting clients, get the conversation started and purify indoor air quality. Exotic planters lock in moisture from the soil, keep the area protected from debris and add a pop of colour to contrast with the green.

Colourful Poinsettias

Dress up space with Poinsettia flowers to bring in the colours of Christmas. They thrive between November to early February in frost-free regions. White, red or deep pink varieties go well with the season. Soft peach varieties are beautiful for smaller spaces. A wonderful way to add extra brightness in the dark winter evenings is by draping battery-operated LED light flower garlands around the planters during the holiday season.

Norfolk Island Pine Plants

Easy to enjoy year-round, these plants with needle-like branches are perfect for a holiday look. They are easy to look after and grow to six feet tall or more. These floor plants add height and depth to your commercial property. If they grow too tall for the interior, just put them in larger planters and move them outdoors to a partly shaded area. Smaller varieties are perfect to decorate desks, tabletops and mantles. Just make sure to keep the plants away from candles and glass panes. The heat can burn the leaves and cold panes can curb their growth. Use battery-powered candles instead.

Ornaments for Pot Toppers

A great way to bring in the festive spirit and accentuate your indoor plants in attractive planter pots is to cover the bare soil on top with Christmas ornaments. Place little pine cones, bells, Santa and reindeer toys or artificial berries on the topsoil under the plant.

Greenville Planters: Custom Indoor and Outdoor Planters

Looking for beautiful, large-sized planter pots for your property? Greenville Planters can help you find just the right ones. We partner with landscape architects designers and interiorscapers to add value to the commercial complex. Our large Fiberglass planters can be customized according to your specifications. We are proud to be the only wholesaler and authorized distributor of the Jay Scotts Collection Fiberglass planters in Canada.