Drip irrigation is a self-watering system that can be installed either above or below ground. Its purpose is to water the roots of the plant directly. This is a great system for people who run large buildings (shopping malls, apartment buildings, etc.) who cannot dedicate time to watering all their plants. Drip irrigation systems distribute small amounts of water through a small hose with several holes along the body. When the system is active and water is flowing, a slow, steady stream is released to the specific areas watering is needed. With drip irrigation systems, you can control exactly how much water your plants are getting, both outdoors and indoors.

Indoor Drip Systems

Indoor drip systems are designed to keep your plants from getting dehydrated throughout the day without flooding the plant or your business.

However, due to the lack of water flow regulation with this type of system, you run the risk of over watering plants that need very little moisture. This is where an automatic timer comes in. While drip irrigation systems usually feature one, it’s best to have two separate timing systems if you have multiple plants that require different amounts of water to stay alive.

Self-Watering Alternatives

If you don’t want to clutter your plants with unsightly drip irrigation lines, you might want to try other self-watering systems. A plant watering spike is a common, indoor and outdoor watering tool that works almost like a DIY drip irrigation system. A water reservoir, either provided by the manufacturer or a simple bottle, is filled with water and screwed into the spike. Flipping it upside down, the spike is inserted into the soil and water is slowly distributed from the tip.

Plant watering globes work in the same fashion and are very popular, mainly for their patterned glass design. You just have to fill the globe with water and insert it directly into the soil. This option solves the problem of having unsightly tubes interfering with the beauty of your plants.

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