Large fiberglass planters, such as the Jay Scotts Collection brand that we at Greenville Planters sell, are constructed of fiberglass cloth and a two-part epoxy. The cloth is applied typically in sections or strips on a mould. The epoxy, a very viscous liquid (think honey) that has been previously mixed with two different parts to begin a chemical reaction, is applied over the porous cloth and will eventually harden to a tough weather-resistant, hard shell.

The next steps consist of smoothing and sanding, an involved, labourious process to ensure smooth, even surface free of irregularities. If any pitting or other issues are found they are corrected at this stage.

Next, a high-quality primer coat is applied to each planter. After curing, each individual planter is boxed, surrounded by a protective layer of corrugate. When a planter is ordered, it is removed from its protective carton and sprayed with one of the selected finish paint coats from our available 16 colours. Again, it is given time to cure and is then repackaged and made ready to ship. The final product is a beautiful, lightweight, all-weather indoor/outdoor planter suitable for planting.

The many advantages of fiberglass include; a wide colour selection, a modern look that fits today’s trends yet fits into any setting, its ability to withstand Canadian winters outdoors, its light weight making it easy to get onto position, and its great value.