Having your planters stolen from your business can be a rare occasion, but it does happen. Even cement planters that are chained to the pavement can be stolen by a persistent individual. And, there are a few locations where things like this occur more on a regular basis. As a result, you might need to get creative with trying to keep your fiberglass planters where they are and prevent them from being taken.


Cement is a semi-permanent option to theft proof your planters and protect them from the weather. You will need to dig out sections in the ground in order to use cement to secure them. Place the containers into the holes and let it dry. If you don’t like the look of it you can cover the bottom and surrounding areas with gravel to hide the cement. No one will be able to notice that they are secured to the ground unless they actually try to remove them. If you try this method to secure your outdoor fiberglass planters you need to make sure that it will not rain while the cement is setting; otherwise, it might not set properly. If this happens, you will end up with a wet mess. This works the best in a plant bed where you can hide the grey concrete ring with some more ground coverage.

Add Weight

The heavier you make your outdoor fiberglass planter, the less likely someone will try to remove it. You can add a thick layer of rock at the bottom. With smaller pots, this can be harder, since it can take away some space for the soil. Using a tall container with a narrow top can help give your outdoor planter some extra room for a rock layer.

Other advantages to adding in weight to the exterior of the planter is that it will help keep the pots upright during storms or strong winds. Tapered containers tend to be more unstable in windy conditions, so using square or rectangle planters will withstand the disturbances much better.


Getting outdoor planters with wheels on them means that you can move them in and out of your building whenever you please. For example, at night or during certain times of year. Having the option of bringing in the planters during specific times because of a high volume of foot traffic or inclement weather can be a huge benefit for some. If your fiberglass planters are not constructed to have wheels attached to them, you can also use a plant coaster, which can be purchased separately. You can also get custom wood platforms made with casters attached to the bottom. When using a caddy or caster, you should look for some that come with a locking mechanism for extra security.

If you use planters with wheels, make sure that the ground where they are located is level. This is to avoid them tipping over and potentially breaking.

Although missing planters and plants can be rare, there are many creative solutions out there that can help prevent it.

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