Maybe you’ve never heard of them, but did you know that you could get planters made from fiberglass? Fibreglass planters are durable and versatile planters that can help you take plant design to the next level. We often get a lot of questions about whether or not it is the right choice for an installation.

Here are some of the pros and cons of fibreglass planters.

Pros of Fibreglass Planters

Indoor and outdoor use

The durability of fibreglass planters makes them a good choice for both indoor and outdoor usage. Outdoors with the proper finish, these planters are able to withstand four seasons and inclement weather. Using an automotive-grade finish will help prevent wear and tear and discolouration from the sun, snow, rain and sleet.

In addition, a majority of outdoor fibreglass planter installations will have drainage holes that allow water to seep out and make sure that plants are not sitting in moisture. This helps to avoid additional damage to the planter since any extra water freezing and expanding can end up cracking the fibreglass.


Compared to other materials like stone, concrete or ceramic planters, fibreglass planters are very lightweight. The fibreglass fibres and resin create a structure that is easy to move even in larger dimensions.

Weather resistant

The finishes on fibreglass planters will help them withstand harsh weather conditions during all four seasons.

UV resistant

Fibreglass planters with an automotive grade finish will be able to resist cracks and fading colour from harmful uv rays. This type of finish will keep the fibreglass planter looking fresh no matter what.

Low maintenance

Fibreglass planters require very little maintenance. You can leave them alone without any major care for a long while, in both indoor and outdoor conditions. However, taking the time to occasionally clean and wax them will help them look their best for a long time.


Fibreglass planters are made to last a long time. Whether they are outdoor or indoor, they are able to withstand weather, foot traffic, UV rays and more while offering you a great design for your plants.

Cons of Fibreglass Planters


The one major drawback of fibreglass planters is that their initial price can be quite an investment. Fibreglass planters are a pricier choice, especially in comparison to other types of planters like plastic ones. However, the overall durability of them make them quite worth it. Fibreglass planters are constructed to last for years, while plastic pots will usually break after only one season. Instead of continuing to spend money replacing your plastic pots, you can make an initial investment into fibreglass planters that will last you a much longer amount of time.

If you are in the market for planters that are just as durable as they are beautiful and are low maintenance, then fibreglass planters are the best option out there. Fibreglass planters can be an amazing accent to any space.