Greenville Planters features the trend setting Jay Scotts Collection brand of fiberglass products which focuses on the planter pots. Our choice is extensive, featuring over a thousand different styles, colours, and sizes, including rectangular planters up to one hundred inches in length, round planters up to sixty inches high and forty-four inches in diameter, all available in your choice sixteen colours at no additional charge. It doesn’t stop there as we have cubes up to forty inches square, globes, spirals, tapered, and many more irregular shapes as well. We are also able to custom manufacture our fiberglass planters to your specifications for large projects of thirty or more planters

Here are some notable features of our fiberglass planter pots:

  • they are suitable to remain outdoors, year-round in the Canadian climate. While we manufacture these with solid bottoms making them ideal for indoor use, simply adding drainage holes in the bottom will ensure they can be left outdoors in all weather conditions.
  • the finish on our fiberglass planters is a two-part epoxy automotive style paint with UV inhibitors to prevent fading for years and years of great looks. Typically the finishes range from satin to glossy, and are smooth to the touch, which makes the planter easy to maintain and clean when needed.
  • all our fiberglass planters have built in feet 1/8”-1/4” in height which are not noticeable when the planter is set up, but allows excess water to run off underneath and ensures the planter does not sit in a pool of water, or a sheet of ice.
  • the relative light weight of even our largest planter means easier transportation and less labour required to get these in place before planting. It also means there are a greater number of locations that normally might face weight restrictions but now would work with the lightweight Greenville Planters.
  • our extensive selection of styles are sleek and modern with clean lines which mean they can fit into any landscape setting, from classic and traditional, to contemporary, to ultra-modern.

Our steel galvanized planters are now discontinued as we have decided to focus our efforts on the better quality fiberglass planter pot.