Large commercial planters have two main functions. They can help bolster your aesthetics and they can also act as barriers.

One of the main purposes of adding commercial planters to your business property is to help direct your visitors in one direction and keep them separated from certain areas. But, by using commercial planters you can do this in a pleasant and aesthetically-pleasing manner using plants and flowers.

A lot of facility managers are also concerned about their security in the front of their establishments. Nobody wants to build a nice hotel, office building or retail store and then have a driver accidentally skip over the curb and crash their vehicle into the side of the building. While this might seem far-fetched, it does happen from time to time.

Some facilities will often choose to add in commercial, heavy duty posts to the surroundings of their building. But, very large commercial planters can weigh more than 1,000 pounds and serve as pretty strong buffers.

Planters can provide a very upscale look as well as act as a protective barrier for the exterior of the building.

If you want to add a green element to the sidewalks outside of your building, you can opt for large decorative planters. Many of these planters are reinforced with concrete and quarter-inch steel rebars. It is a tough planter that is built to last and built to not be easily moved. They will need to be off-loaded from a truck using a forklift.

Heavy duty planters are as theft proof as you can get. Unless thieves come with their own heavy-duty equipment, it is unlikely the planters will be going anywhere. Then, you must consider the aesthetics. You might wonder if a huge planter could be attractive, but it can be depending on its design and colour.

Heavy duty planters can come with designs like decorative bands, with different types of motifs. You can choose from any number of design options. Plus, there are a lot of options for coating materials. You can pick anything from Weatherstone to an Acid Wash finish. These textured colours can include brown, buff, charcoal, cream, gray, green, red or sand.

Large commercial planters can also add nice accent colours to any building. You can use plants and flowers to create a warm, and inviting first impression of the facility. Plus, these impressions can be a big part of overall customer experience. Seeing a building for the first time will set the tone for any hospital, store, or office visit.

Researchers found that having flowers at a hospital made people more energetic and happy.