How to Increase Curb Appeal in Just a Day

Curb appeal adds value to not just your property but also your life. Your home looks stylish, eco-friendly and neat, reflecting your personality traits. For a commercial complex, curb appeal with landscaped grounds says a lot about your company values. Trimmed hedges, tree-lined driveways, uniformly mowed grass and healthy plants give a good impression to clients. They also make employees feel good about being a part of a meticulous organization. Is yours one of them or could you do with a boost to your curb appeal?

It is impossible to design or create landscaped exteriors without professional help. Outdoor landscaping needs routine plant maintenance to showcase your business which includes lawn care, tree maintenance, weed control, litter control, shrub and hedge trimming. That’s not all! It also needs pathway and road sweeping, wildflower development, wildlife habitat development and maintenance, gritting and snow clearing. If you have outdoors that you wish to develop, an existing landscaped exterior that needs to be re-designed or a wall or roof that can do with a bit of greenery to add more life, professionals can help you find creative solutions.

Professionals can see what you don’t. They can suggest additions you never thought of, such as a fish pond or a bridge to enhance the look. They can improve biodiversities, such as beehives and wildflowers, or add planters to make a difference to the look of your construction.

If you are not up for expensive improvements to build curb appeal, here are a few simple, low-cost ideas to add value and visual oomph in just a few days with beautiful outdoor planters.

3 Simple Ways to Enhance Curb Appeal with Outdoor Planters

  1. Entrance: The front door is the gateway to the rest of your house. First impressions begin there. Outdoor planters bring life and colour to the area making it more inviting for visitors. Symmetry is key to visual appeal. Place tall planter boxes to either side of the door, containing bright, beautiful, seasonal flowers or tall leafy plants. Place smaller planter boxes all along the walkway that leads to the front door.
  2. Driveway: The driveway drives the way to what’s inside your home. It has a huge role to play in curb appeal. There’s a lot you can do with it. Perk it up with planters between garage doors. You can choose tall, tapered patio planters to break the monotony of the garage doors. Grow plants that radiate energy but make sure they don’t get out of hand or they may come in the way of the garage doors and get caught in the cars that drive past. You can place planter pots along the edges with smaller plants such as white licorice that doesn’t block the view of the yard and entrance.
  3. Deck: A deck may be towards the back of the house but it can do a lot to improve curb appeal. Keep the yard free from clutter. Do it up beautifully with large planter boxes and outdoor dining area to add style and character. Arrange low planter boxes along the edge of the deck so they sit pretty while allowing you a good, unobstructed view.

Greenville Planters, Mississauga Ontario

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