How Plants are a Vital Remedy for Office Interiors

Ever heard of the word “biophilic design?” The word sounds a mouthful but it really means something quite simple. It is an innovative way of designing work interiors by bringing in nature to connect us more closely with the environment.

“Biophilia” is the inherent need for humans to connect with nature. In an increased urbanized world, we are getting more and more alienated from our natural surroundings. This has more repercussions than we know. It creates mental unrest, stress and less productivity at work. Creating aesthetically appealing workspaces and attractively landscaped interiors provides a sense of rejuvenation that aids productivity.

How Biophilic Design Increases Productivity

The practice of green interiors to increase productivity is not a new one. The relationship between humans and nature in the workplace has been often explored by architects, developers and employers from early in the 20th century. This is what is called “biophilia” or “biophilic design” or incorporating nature into the urbanized office environment.

Developing green space may seem like an expensive indulgence. However, an inspiring environment plays a big role in increasing work productivity. Many corporations consider it to be a sound economic investment into employees’ health, wellbeing and work performance. This helps retain staff, increases productivity and in the long run, builds profit. When a company lacks space, they employ other innovative features such as green walls and roofs to make the most of internal spaces.

Impact of Green Aesthetics in the Future

It is predicted that by 2030, 60% of the world’s population will be living and working in highly urbanized environments. This means greater disconnection from natural surroundings. Bringing nature into the workplace design is more of a necessity than ever in that light.

Nature has a calming effect on people. Greenery helps people unwind, destress and feel less anxious. A view of rolling green hills, a bubbling brook or pristine lake from the window is far more elevating mentally and physically than a view of a concrete jungle of urban constructions.

Yet, a study reports that 47% of urban offices currently have no natural light; 58% had no landscaped or natural greenery around them. A third of people confessed that this is affecting their ability to work effectively. They also stated that natural light and indoor office planters can make a difference to their feeling of wellbeing, creative output and cognitive function. It is vital for offices to have green space indoors as a part of a company’s branding to retain employees and increase work output, the study says.

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