How to Increase Curb Appeal in Just a Day

Curb appeal adds value to not just your property but also your life. Your home looks stylish, eco-friendly and neat, reflecting your personality traits. For a commercial complex, curb appeal with landscaped grounds says a lot about your company values. Trimmed hedges, tree-lined driveways, uniformly mowed grass and healthy plants give a good impression to clients. They also make employees feel good about being a part of a meticulous organization. Is yours one of them or could you do with a boost to your curb appeal? Read More

How Plants are a Vital Remedy for Office Interiors

Ever heard of the word “biophilic design?” The word sounds a mouthful but it really means something quite simple. It is an innovative way of designing work interiors by bringing in nature to connect us more closely with the environment. “Biophilia” is the inherent need for humans to connect with nature. In an increased urbanized world, we are getting more and more alienated from our natural surroundings. This has more repercussions than we know. It creates mental unrest, stress and less productivity at work. Creating aesthetically appealing workspaces and attractively landscaped interiors provides a sense of rejuvenation that aids productivity. Read More

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